Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair Dublin

If you use your dishwasher on a daily basis and suddenly your dishwasher fails you know how its feels to go back to the kitchen sink to wash your dishes. There are many types of dishwashers  on the market including integrated and free standing and all these can be repaired and most of the time the fault is electrical related.

After Many years of use your dishwasher has cleaned your dishes pots and cutlery  thousands of times and may require a repair to either the moving parts or electrical parts or it may be blocked after years of use.

We have trained engineers available that have many years experience in the repair and maintenance of the most common dishwashers on the market. Types Of Dishwashers & Dishwaser Problems

We can either call to your home or we can diagnose the problem over the phone and then purchase the parts required to carry out the repair on your dishwasher. We have access to most of the spare parts for the major makes and models.




Servicing Dublin and surrounding areas for repairs on dishwashers we provide prompt and professional service and repairs to all brands of dishwashers with a fast and friendly call out service.


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